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I am Hung Vu, and I am a photographer. Photography allows me to capture a moment in time, to set a mood for holding memories, or to express an emotion that words cannot describe. I have a freedom of style that brings vitality to my work. I have a passion for photography and the opportunity for artistic expression that it provides.


More importantly, I am dedicated to preserving your special occasion in photographs you can cherish. It may be for an engagement, a wedding, a special celebration or other event when you seek a photographer. You will want a responsible photographer who interacts well with you and your guests, who can appreciate your happy moments and respect your traditions. You will want a photographer who can express your experience of the event. I understand, and I am devoted to helping you achieve those desires.




Each couple’s wedding is unique. I believe that wedding photographs should express the personalities of the bride and groom and their families. Wedding photographs don’t have to follow old rules with people lined up and standing frozen in front of the camera. Each person brings their own special energy to the celebration, and I strive to capture each person’s natural individuality. From traditional group portraits to spontaneous shots, I strive to convey the joy that is uniquely expressed.

These special moments to be treasured should be entrusted to a perceptive photographer who holds your desires in highest regard, and is also respectful of your budgetary considerations. Contact me to discuss photography for your special event.


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